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Criminal Defense

In addition to our impaired driving representation our criminal lawyers have been a proven advocate on behalf of adults and juveniles accused of all criminal offenses throughout the State of Indiana. Whether in need of the best criminal defense lawyer in Indianapolis or anywhere in the state we know how to help you.

Over the course of thirty plus years it is commonplace for criminal charges such as drug or Marijuana possession, drug dealing violations, prescription fraud, resisting arrest, battery, theft and possession of stolen property to spring from an initial encounter related to an impaired driving traffic stop. We have seen it all.

As a result, we have represented those accused of some of the highest profile drug and/or theft related prosecutions throughout the State of Indiana. Our legal know how as to invalidating potential arrests for any and all Indiana criminal charges as a result of illegal searches and seizures is second to none.  Often effectively fighting such cases resulting from unlawful traffic encounters can be the difference between significant time behind bars and the resumption of an otherwise productive future.

The early early intervention of an experienced defense attorney is critical for one arrested for a criminal charge in Indiana. One must always be aware that there are legal deadlines that must be strictly followed in order to safeguard all of the legal rights to which you are or a loved one are entitled. Tragically, even the most competent attorney will not be able to restore these rights if an experienced criminal lawyer has not been secured quickly enough following an arrest and the filing of criminal charges.

Arrests for criminal offenses in Indiana are not restricted by the age of one in the crosshairs of a police investigation. Our successful representation of juveniles throughout Indiana who have been the target of such criminal investigations and charges is one of our most rewarding undertakings.

Whether an adult or parent of a juvenile accused of criminal charges we can help. However, from this point forward no further communication should be initiated and/or continued with any law enforcement representative without first conferring with an experienced attorney to assist you.  Most reputable criminal defense attorneys in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana will be pleased to speak with you without charge as to the most effective steps that must be taken without delay based upon the specific factual circumstances within your specific case.




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