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I am a former DUI prosecutor who knows how to protect good people charged with drunk driving. Research my legal experience and learn why as a top rated authority on OWI defense, I have been requested to defend people facing criminal charges within every county in Indiana.

Over 20 Years Helping People Just Like You And Me

People who first visit my website are usually not in a good place. Let's work together to change that. By taking your valuable time to review the information contained here you have taken a productive first step toward protecting your legal rights or those of someone you care for.

Following An Arrest Take Action To Understand OWI Laws

Understand the penalties for a first offense, second offense or multiple offense conviction in Indiana. Do not become one among the thousands of otherwise productive people arrested each year who become a victim of the legal system due to inattention to their legal defense.

I understand that there is never a good time for an arrest to intervene in one's life. Work, school and/or family obligations can be challenging enough without the destructive force of a criminal prosecution to contend with. However, this is no time for delay as there is now an immediate need for action to protect your legal rights. It costs nothing to reach out for my help. It can cost you everything not to.

Learn the criminal court procedure following a dui arrest and what to do now. Stay calm. Remain focused. I am a former DUI prosecutor who knows how to help you.

DUI,DWI,OWI,OMVWI, What Does It All Mean?

Prior to your call, let's start with the basics. Many arrested for drunk driving understandably have trouble even knowing what it is they are being charged with much less the penalties they are facing.

The formal legal abbreviation for drunk driving offenses in Indiana is "OWI," Operating A Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, which is the same as the most commonly known and used term "DUI," Driving Under The Influence" or sometimes, "DWI," Driving While Intoxicated. In other words, all such terms refer to the same offense of Operating While Intoxicated no matter how they are labeled.

Challenging Evidence Against You

When appearing within a court of law, many accused of a crime are made to feel powerless. They often are made to believe that there is little that can be done to help them and that the legal word of an arresting police officer will be the final judgment as to their guilt.

You now know better. The fact of the matter is that there are many avenues of attack against so called "evidence" that will allow for a drunk driving prosecution to be either thrown out of court or otherwise reduced. A relentless approach toward discrediting such evidence has been a winning formula I have provided satisfied clients for over twenty productive years.

Field Sobriety

A fundamental means by which state prosecutors attempt to secure drunk driving convictions is through introduction of field sobriety test results. Although such evidence at first impression may appear to be credible, a thorough analysis of the manner in which specific tests are conducted can often lead to the discrediting of this essential case evidence. Of further inquiry will be the credentials of a given field officer as well as known flaws inherent within each respective form of testing in accord with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards.

Breath Test and Blood Draw Evidence

The initial mode of attack when focused upon the defense of any dui accusation centers upon the legal introduction of breath test or blood draw results. Such evidence must be effectively countered due to the powerful impact such objective evidence tends to have upon a prospective juror.

Utilizing a greater comprehension of department of toxicology regulations than most, if not all, state police officers, effective defense counsel will seek to cast doubt upon the reliability of a given breath test or blood draw result so as to allow for the legal exclusion of such evidence.

Together we'll discuss all of the ways in which dui prosecutions can be challenged. Understanding Indiana toxicology and procedural laws is essential to preserving all of the evidentiary tools necessary to secure the best outcome possible for a person in need of the best legal defense possible.

Over Twenty Years Of Results Throughout Indiana

I have a track record of results in both urban and rural dui courts within every county within the state of Indiana. Following an arrest, whether one is in need of a top criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis, to the north from Lafayette to Crown Point or the south in Bloomington, I've been proud to stand beside my clients in every region of the state. This extensive experience has given me the know how, understanding and legal skills to level the playing field for those who may feel powerless before an arresting cop, prosecutor or judge.

Having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more as measured on a chemical test constitutes evidence of drunk driving. All states now impose strict penalties on those who violate these laws. However, the penalties can be vastly different depending upon the state law in question as well as the respective county court. As a result, when charged with such a crime please consult with an attorney who not only has a firm grasp of the law, but also the experience to know how to best protect a client no matter what court you may appear in together.

Stark Law Offices - A Statewide DUI & Criminal Defense Law Firm

I am here to provide you with the answers you need when you need them. Together we can discuss a cost free plan of action toward your legal protection. Contact Stark Law Offices, P.C. by phone or email for an online evaluation of your case. My job is to get you back on the road to a productive future!

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