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Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney

About Gregg J. Stark

* American Jurist Institute – Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys

* National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 Lawyers

* American Society Of Legal Advocates – Top 100 Lawyers

* Client Satisfaction Award – American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys

* Highest Avvo Lawyer Rating Of 10 – “Superb”

For me success as a lawyer is not only helping good people get back on their feet, but the privilege of having my former clients recommend me to safeguard the rights of their friends and loved ones. To me, there is no greater endorsement of my efforts than to have been asked to represent clients for over 25 years within every county in Indiana.

Please take time to review common questions many of my clients initially have and call me for free. I will be pleased to provide you with information you’ll need to resume a productive future!

Let Me Tell You About Me And How I Became A Defense Lawyer Focused On Protecting People Charged With Drunk Driving.

Over twenty five years ago as a first job out of law school I was given the unique opportunity to be responsible for the prosecution of felony dui offenses. I was told that the job as a chief felony prosecutor was an honor and that I was fortunate to have been selected for a position of this responsibility at such a young age. Perhaps swayed by the prestige and authority given to me, I accepted the job of prosecutor determined to use my best judgement in the prosecution of cases. I set out to be firm, but more importantly, fair in assessing potential punishment.

I recognized quickly that many people put before me for prosecution were not some sort of evil to be condemned but those just like me or people within my own family who may have made a mistake. Wherever possible I used discretion to help these people as opposed to punishing in a way that would potentially destroy them and/or families who depended on them.

The prosecutor’s office was not the least bit interested in my showing compassion to those I was being paid to punish. I was not encouraged to use discretion in the settlement of cases. Sympathy was not to be taken into account. When it dawned on me that I was merely a political tool to inflict harsh punishment on good people, I made the decision to leave the job of prosecution to others. This was not easy as I had no other employment waiting on me. Newly married and employed for less than a year as a prosecutor I decided that my true calling would be helping people being prosecuted instead of needlessly punishing them.

I started my own defense practice and never looked back. Following my gut instinct was the wisest decision I ever made.

There are different reactions that acquaintances have when learning what I have devoted my legal practice to. Many are respectful and fascinated with the workings of courtroom defense. However, others have the inclination to look down on what I do, believing that “getting off drunk drivers” is no way to earn an honest living. Without fail, sooner or later, it is these same people who gain a newfound respect for my work when someone they know and care for is in need of my help. It is then that I become their hero and newfound best friend.

Drunk driving arrests do not discriminate between rich or poor, white collar or blue collar; dui arrests can and do happen to all types of good and productive people. When they occur I am proud to say that I am recognized as a top dui defense lawyer who knows just how to help you.

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