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Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney

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Within Central Indiana : (317) 846-7777

Outside Central Indiana: 1-888-442-4DUI (4384)

Please utilize my email case information page or call me anytime for free to provide me with initial case contact in regard to your pending dui case.

I understand that when people reach out to me for legal assistance they want answers provided promptly and in a way that can be easily understood. The last thing someone who has been arrested wants to go through are any unnecessary obstacles to get the immediate counsel they are looking for. With this in mind please know that there are a variety of ways you may contact me to secure the peace of mind of free legal advice in your time of need.

In many instances hard working clients simply don’t have the time to take from their busy schedules to travel to one of our office locations for a personal consultation. In fact, even if such travel is desired, it is probably the case that one charged with dui has had their drivers license suspended and has no convenient way to make an office visit.

Not being able to visit me at my office is not a problem to get your questions answered or to get the process of our legal protection underway. Although I always encourage initial contact by email if more comfortable, I find that inevitably it will be most productive for us to discuss your circumstances for free by phone.

Whatever way you choose to contact me to begin the process of your legal protection, I am always here to help you. At the conclusion of every case contact it is my objective to have you feel more comfortable as to your legal circumstances and to establish a winning plan of action to best protect your productive future.

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