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Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney

Statewide Indiana DUI & OWI Defense

Be aware that hiring a “local attorney” to handle your dui case is not always the best course of action. Whether called OWI, DWI or DUI, the defense of impaired driving cases throughout the state is a complex and ever changing specialty of law. With over thirty years of experience Stark DUI Lawyers has been the name to know for those who seek the best dui assistance assistance possible anywhere in Indiana. Few attorneys in the state have the experience and single minded focus in defending such cases.

I am proud of the fact that Stark DUI Lawyers have been requested to assist good people accused of dui in every county in the State of Indiana. In the real world of defense law an attorney cannot learn how to adequately protect a client accused of drunk driving from consulting a law book or briefly reviewing the dui sections of the Indiana criminal code. The best attorneys in Indiana are those who have honed their skills from experience and a proven track record of results throughout the state.

A lawyer unable to produce successful results on behalf of clients in one field of law will not last long. Obtaining the most favorable results in dui cases not only requires a more thorough understanding of applicable laws than most prosecutors, but the crucial knowledge of how to achieve the most favorable options depending upon the court and county we’re in together.

When charged with a dui anywhere in Indiana, you or one you care for will likely have many commonly asked questions on your mind. If so, I am always here to help in any way that I can.

Unfortunately, many lawyers inexperienced in the area of drunk driving law discover that all counties are not the same in terms of legal procedure and policy when it comes to the defense of dui cases. For example, where some counties may allow for “witheld prosecutions”¬†allowing for the ultimate dismissal of first offense cases without trial, most other counties may never offer such an option. In fact, some may require mandatory incarceration upon conviction. A successful defense attorney must know all the players involves in a dui prosecution beyond an understanding of the law in question. What arguments on a client’s behalf is the presiding judge likely to respond well to? What is the track record and thought process of the prosecuting attorney involved? Knowing how to answer such questions is crucial and can only come from experience and a working knowledge of how to get the job done on behalf of a client depending upon my legal protection.

Although I offer convenient office access in Indianapolis/Carmel for one in need of the best dui lawyer anywhere in Indiana, many people contact me from distant places. For most, taking the time to visit from out of state or in locations far away make traveling to meet with me at an office location inconvenient. This reality is never a problem as it will typically only take one thorough and informative cost free phone consultation for me to get you taken care of wherever your case may be anywhere in Indiana.

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