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Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney

Local Lawyers Concerns

Unfortunately, over the course of more than 30 years, far too many of my clients have come to me following the hiring of a “local” lawyer to defend them from a dui prosecution.

Many people initially consulting with me will ask, “Mr. Stark, I am aware that you devote your efforts to statewide Indiana DUI defense. However, would it also be a good idea to speak with a lawyer with an office in the town where my case is being prosecuted?”

While it is always best to consult with as many lawyers as possible, the mistake too many people make is the hiring of a “local” lawyer who does not devote his or her legal practice to the cause of Indiana DUI defense.

In most Indiana communities, in order to maintain a law practice, many local lawyers must become a jack of all trades sort to speak in all areas of law. As a result, most such lawyers are not able to become a specialist in any one legal area such that they can develop a reputation that will get a prosecutor’s attention.

One does not want to retain a local lawyer who may be too friendly with a fellow prosecutor to the extent that the local lawyer you hire may merely serve as a messenger to deliver the punishment his or her prosecutor colleague has in store for you. Beware of the lawyer who does not wish to harm a friendship or risk discomfort within the local community for aggressively challenging his or her colleague’s actions on behalf of an outsider the lawyer may never see again.

The local lawyer may have a financially valuable personal injury case within the court and judge you find yourself before. Will such a lawyer risk his or her standing before such a judge in order to activate all of the legal protections possible on behalf of a dui defense client? 

The defense lawyer one hires needs to be accountable only to their client. The prosecutor and judge must know that their actions will be scrutinized and held to account within an appellate court should their actions be unreasonable.

A lawyer with the experience and reputation as one who specializes in the area of dui defense throughout the State of Indiana is in best position to send a message to a local prosecutor that one charged with dui within their community will not be taken advantage of.

There are many outstanding lawyers serving local communities throughout the State of Indiana. However, when hiring a dui defense lawyer the question needs to be not “where” the lawyer practices law, but whether the lawyer being considered has the experience, reputation and expertise necessary to deliver the most effective results for a good person in need of the best dui defense possible.

The name Stark DUI Lawyers is known within prosecutor’s offices and courtrooms throughout Indiana. With over 30 years of dui defense experience we have successfully defended good people against dui prosecutions within every county of the state. We can do the same for you.




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