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DUI Impact on Medical Professionals

In my years of dui defense practice I have been blessed to defend and counsel many men and women within the medical health profession. A large number of clients have come from the nursing profession where the close proximity and accessibility to drugs has lead many fine individuals to stray from their normal behavior.

Whether within the nursing field or any other stressful line of work, high pressure employment combined with the daily presence of narcotics can lead otherwise responsible members of our community to become reliant upon the relief of drugs or alcohol to persevere through the day.

We depend on such valued neighbors performing dangerous and/or less than desirable care giving functions that society depends upon. Not unlike war veterans or those experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, when such people are in need and have made legal mistakes related to the use of drugs or alcohol to sustain them, it is our turn to be there for them.

I write this as I have just completed the defense of a lovely woman who had unfortunately accumulated her third dui arrest within ten years. Although not a justification, the burdens placed upon this single mother balancing the needs of her four children and nursing career became too great to bear. Without disclosing the significant abuse she had suffered in her life, the fact that she was in position to become a nurse in the first place was nothing short of miraculous.

For such men and woman in need of legal care the first question usually asked of me is, “can my career be saved?” I take comfort that when nurses and other health care providers have gotten in such trouble, there is hope that there careers can be saved and that they may resume a productive life. Many first time offending nurses calling me are justifiably petrified that the careers they have worked so hard to establish will be destroyed as a result of a drug and/or alcohol arrest.

As an experienced dui lawyer I am here to convey to such people that I am often heartened to discover that not only am I in position to handle such fears on the legal end, but that nurses assistance programs throughout the country have done a fine job of keeping such individuals productively employed in the wake of any legal action taken against those within the nursing community.

Working together between the court system and nurses assistance programs for any applicable rehabilitative care, if you are a nurse or associated medical professional facing a dui conviction please know that there is reason to believe your employment can be preserved. Please take the time to investigate all legal issues presented within our site. Often times I have witnessed that once clients become adequately informed of all legal options available, they have in fact become strengthened by taking the necessary steps for their long term health and the future of those they care for following the experience of an unfortunate arrest.

It is my hope that other industries and licensing professions will take note of the good works often made by the above referenced nurses assistance programs. In so doing, we can all work together to ensure that the valued members of our community in all endeavors are getting the help both they, and most importantly, society needs and requires.

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