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The Internet Is Not a Court of Law

The internet world is now abuzz over pictures that it can utilize to dramatize potential dangers related to drunk driving. Rapper Everett Mckiness (please forgive me as I do not know this musician) allegedly tweeted “yolo” as he claimed to be speeding at over one hundred twenty miles per hour and driving drunk. A brief time later the car in which he was traveling was involved in a fiery crash killing he and others as the accident investigation continues.

As events have been unfolding questions have been raised as to whether in fact the self proclaimed driver of the vehicle who tweeted was actual in control over the vehicle at all. There seems to be strong indications that despite his boasts, McKiness may not have been driving the car. Whether he was or was not will later be determined. What I believe to be more instructive for the purpose of this posting is to treat suspiciously all statements or affirmations deriving from a twitter account or other communicative device.

For whatever purpose to advance one’s self interests, self promoting claims of reckless conduct that may serve as a badge of honor within the rap world in this instance cannot and should not be considered dispositive evidence of guilt. Whether a factual issue may arise from who was actually in control of the vehicle in question to whether the driver was intoxicated or drinking at all are questions that must be conclusively answered and not subject to undue speculation.

It may conclusively be later proven that this rapper was operating his motor vehicle while intoxicated while speeding and foolishly boasting about the experience to the detriment of the general public. However, it is vitally important that we as a society do not allow the inflamed emotions of the moment advanced by those with an agenda against drunk driving to use this situation to further their interests irrespective of the facts to come out later.

I can speak with experience to the fact that it is not uncommon in the least for young men or women subject to peer pressure or to be perceived in a way they believe to stand out from their peers to communicate in irrational ways often at odds with the logic of an older generation.

With this in mind let us always allow the facts proven through evidence within a court of law speak as to the events of an unfolding situation. In so doing, we will be ever vigilant that courts of justice will remain the triers of fact in this country as opposed to internet service outlets with the goal of attracting eyeballs to sensationally reported current events.

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