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A Safe & Happy New Year To All!

To all of my former and present clients who have become both friends and advisers to me in many aspects of life unrelated to the law, I wish you all a healthy, safe and productive new year. As with all things law related, allow me to be somewhat of a downer in cautioning all to be especially mindful of increased roadway patrols scouring the state for potential traffic violations throughout Indiana with the beginning of each new year.

The coming months could potentially be one of major change in regard to Indiana drunk driving laws and criminal laws in general. Proposed legislation has been sweeping in scope and potentially contempates a complete re structuring of felony classifications; classifications that may provide defense lawyers more flexibility in terms of fashioning advantageous options for clients accused of dui or other crimial offenses.

However, as with each emerging legislative session in Indiana, I would also suspect the continued trend of legislation that either seeks increased penalties for drunk driving convictions and/or additional sanctions as to monitoring the alcohol consumption of those otherwise productive citizens caught in the web of a drunk driving arrest and prosecution.

As always, OWI Attorneys such as myself will be ever vigilant to enlighten those who seek to implement misguided public policy through the outlet of the criminal justice system. Only through meaningful dialogue with state legislators and public officials involved with the application of criminal procedure within the state can we continue to preserve rationale policies as to the defense of those accused of drunk driving in Indiana and elsewhere.

Through the means of blogging and other internet communication, “old school” defense lawyers such as myself will continue to seek ways to educate the public and others within the legal community as to public policy concerns related to drunk driving prosecutions in Indiana, as well as the continued efforts to preserve and bolster the fundumental rights of those accused of dui; individuals we must remember are always innocent until proven guilty.

Unfortunately, for many the term “innocent until proven guilty” has become more of a cliche than a respected ideal worthy of fighting for. Through the forum presented within this comprehensive Indiana dui blog and my daily efforts within courtrooms throughout the state of Indiana, I will continue to fight for all accused of criminal violations and those seeking more help in comprehending the continued fight to preserve our nation’s civil liberties.

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