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Merciful Act Of Police Officer Worthy Of Mention

Within the present day news cycle exposing the civil rights violations commited by unworthy police officers each day, it is always a welcome respite to learn of the decent acts of police officers wherever they may be. However, when the gracious act of a patrolman takes place within the borders of Indiana, such a story will always find a forum here.

Character is often defined in some variation as what one does when no one is around to observe. It is then that we learn what a person is truly made of. Too often police officers are painted with a broad brush as abusive, unprofessional and/or careless by those such as myself trained to point out the errors of unworthy officers who attempt to deprive motorists of their civil liberties by perpetrating unlawful traffic stops.

Over the years I have come across a majority of good and decent law enforcement officials be they employed by a county prosecutor’s office or state or county police departments. Such government employees are truly employed for the well being and safety of their fellow citizens and are willing to excercise discretion and real world experience when assessing the potential prosecution of criminal conduct.

Such a wothwhile officer was recently captured on cell phone camera by none other than Indiana Pacers basketball star Roy Hibbert. Hibbert has taken it upon himself to distribute online a photo depicting an Indianapolis police officer pulling off to the side of the road to encounter a homeless man.

Unlike what one would expect to hear next, this officer’s intent was not to harrass the man. Rather, observing that the man had no shoes on his feet, this gracious officer actually removed his own police boots and gave them to the man with no footwear.

Somehow, Roy Hibbert found himself at the scene of this selfless act and was able to alert the world as to the special act of kindness one may never have learned otherwise. While in the age of social media, cell phone cameras and the like have been an effective tool in exposing nefarious police conduct, how refreshing to see such tools used to promote the good among those who have devoted themselves to public service.

How many acts of this nature that take place each and every day throughout America we may never know. Too frequently it is those who seek attention and notoriety to either expose injustice or broadcast their own acts of charity who are those broadcast for attention.

Jaded by over twenty years of experience within the criminal justice system, my first inclination was to wonder whether this officer will be disciplined for giving away government issued boots to a civilian without proper authorization. Nonetheless, I am proud to be among those in Indiana working toward the ideals of a criminal justice system that represents the true acts of selflessness represented by this worthy member of the Indianapolis police force.

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