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Prosecutor Letters On Blood Draw Problems

Many people have been contacting me in recent days as to letters received from the Marion County Prosecutor’s office as to problems with drug test results that may have an effect on their prior criminal case conviction.

The letters received are often confusing and somewhat vague. Some people calling me believe that such a correspondence means an ultimate dismissal to a prior conviction. Unfortunately, although such a letter is promising, it does not necessarily equate to an eventual reversal of a prior criminal conviction in Indianapolis.

If one receives a letter from the Marion County Prosecutor as to evidentiary problems with the blood lab that may have effected a prior criminal conviction, it is important to immediately contact a dui lawyer in Indianapolis Indiana to help clarify for you.

In most circumstances, the attorney who handled the underlying criminal case should be available to answer any and all questions as to what such a letter means. More importantly, how particular problems within the blood lab may effect the facts of the person’s specific prosecution and criminal conviction.

Most significantly be pro active and make the call to an attorney if in receipt of any correspondence that could result in indicating evidentiary problems with a case conviction. Delays in asserting one’s legal rights are always problematic when challenging official misconduct and/or negligence, even with the facts on your side.

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