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Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney Gregg J. Stark Indianapolis DUI Attorney

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As a defense attorney for over 20 years I know how to help people accused of dui and owi offenses wherever they might occur within the state of Indiana. I am honored to be a legal resource for other legal professionals in the field of dui defense and look forward to provide you with legal aid in the coming months.

This blog will soon be reconstructed to allow for a fully developed legal research option for all areas of Indiana dui defense. I look forward to a future visit and encourage you to try back shortly to await how we can aid you or someone you hold dear in time of need.

I have noticed a lack of information updated regularly in the state that specifically deals with current events that may impact drunk driving prosecutions in Indiana. I look forward to helping fill this void and help better educate motorists in Indiana.

In the interim should you or a loved one need the services of an Indiana dwi lawyer I encourage you to call me and we can discuss any issue of interest to you. Further, if requiring legal assistance of any kind I will be pleased to consult with you. If my field of practice is not in line with your needs I will do my best to get you referred to a potential individual or agency that can best be of service.

I welcome the good fortune I have to be in position to be of service to the Indiana community.

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